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Players play. Coaches coach. Referees referee.

PIAA officials apply interscholastic High School rules and their rulings are final.

Teams must have at least 5 players to begin a game. Refer to 'Call-up Procedure' below when there are less than 5 players on a team.

A five minute grace period after scheduled start is permitted, prior to forfeiture.

Once forfeiture is called by the PIAA official it is final.

Division coordinator calls official cancellations for weather, etc.

Playing time rule - Substitution Rule: 
All players must play 1 full quarter per half. They must play from start of quarter to the finish of a quarter. Each player must also sit 1 full quarter per game. They must sit from start of quarter to the finish of a quarter. The playing time rule does not apply to both teams if either team has 6 or less players, for any reason... start with 6, someone gets hurt, fouls out.

Home team keeps the official book, an adult is recommended.

Visitor team keeps the official clock and possession arrow, an adult is recommended.

Mandatory Man-to-Man defense during the 3rd quarter, except for K-1 and 2nd grade division.

NO PRESS RULE if leading by 10. Warning 1st & 2nd time, 3rd offense results in a bench technical foul.

Fall-Back rule (press rule)
Grades 1-2: Players must fall back after a change of possession and stay within the 3-point arc on defense at all times. No transition defense is permitted.
Grades 3: Must stay behind the 3-point arc on defense unless last 2 minutes of each half and overtime.
Grades 4-5: Must stay behind the half court line on defense unless last 2 minutes of each half and overtime.
Grades 6 & up: There is no fall back rule.

Division coordinator decides any further rule interpretation and their decision is final.



  1. Call-up permitted only when the player being called will be the 5th or 6th player. If a 6th player is called up, he must play in your rotation.
  2. Prior to season start each division coordinator provides a sequential list to the next higher division coordinator.
  3. Coach who is short player(s) will call his division coordinator.
  4. The division coordinator provides the coach the name and telephone number of the next player on the list provided. This prevents the same players from being called up.
  5. There will be no requests of players honored.
  6. Coach calls the player to extend the invitation to play-up.



1 minute between periods and OT
Clock stops on all whistles
1st overtime 3 minutes, 2nd overtime 2 minutes, 3rd & subsequent overtime 1 minute

Ball SizeHoop HgtQtrsHalfTimeoutsFoul shotScoring
K-128.5"8'8 min3 minnone2noscoreless
2nd28.5"9'8 min3 minnone2noscoreless
3rd28.5"10'6 min3 min2 full - 2 30s12'2*
4th28.5"10'6 min3 min2 full - 2 30s15'33
5th28.5"10'6 min3 min2 full - 2 30s15'33
6th29.5"10'6 min3 min2 full - 2 30s15'3
7th-8th29.5"10'6 min3 min2 full - 2 30s15'3
9th-10th29.5"10'6 min3 min2 full - 2 30s15'3
11th-12th29.5"10'6 min3 min2 full - 2 30s15'3


*3 point shots count as only 2 points in 3rd grade, because the defense cannot defend a 3 point shot in 3rd grade. 3 point shots count as 3 starting in the 4th grade division. 

No timeouts in K-1 and 2nd grade divisions, however the clock stops every 4 minutes for quick substitutions.
Players are permitted to jump over the free throw line after the shot in K-4 division.


  • All Travel players, grades 3rd through 6th, must participate in 60% of scheduled regular season games for the in-house recreation season to be eligible to play Travel. For a 12 game schedule, each player must play in 8 games (always round up) to be eligible for  play. Legitimate medical conditions could void this rule at the discretion of the board.


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